Laparoscopic Training Simulation

About The LapSim

LapSim is one of the most advanced simulators, with detailed graphics, haptic feedback, and a new intuitive interface. The new LapSim 360 VR headset provides a rich and immersive, multi-sensory training experience, unmatched in the VR simulation market. LapSim is more effective at teaching laparoscopic skills than ever before.

Product Features

It has an improved and more intuitive interface, new performance and assessments metrics and a new immersive 360 VR headset. The Haptic Simulation offers, with advanced force feedback technology, combined with powerful graphics, a fully immersive training experience.

State-of-the-Art Simulation

  • LapSim is an advanced simulator, with detailed graphics, haptic feedback and a new intuitive interface
  • The new LapSim 360 VR headset provides a rich and immersive, multi-sensory training experience, unmatched in the VR simulation market

The Only Proven Simulator

  • LapSim is the most comprehensive and only validated simulator on the market
  • Studies show that surgeons trained on a LapSim simulator perform better in the operating room


  • LapSim comes with a fully validated curriculum, the LapSim Certification Program™
  • Set up a training program instantly or change the parameters to fulfil your own training requirements


A Virtual Demo

Experience the full capability of your simulation unit with a virtual demo. The unit manufacturers, Surgical Science, will host your virtual demo whilst our team organise everything for you including scheduling, reminders, and follow-up aftercare.



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Aftercare and Support

At Phantasim, we offer an aftercare package to ensure our friendly support team can offer assistance should you incur an issue with your simulator or modules. Phantasim are based in Western Australia, however your aftercare package allows us to remotely access your simulator via satellite and resolve any issues remotely. Should your simulator require hands-on assessment, our support team will visit your facility anywhere within Australia or New Zealand to appraise your simulator and provide a solution.

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Why Choose Phantasim?

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Sole Distributer for Australia
and New Zealand

Whether you’re in Australia or New Zealand, our team at Phantasim are your surgical simulation partners. Our dedicated team handle distribution, maintenance, and ongoing aftercare for simulation units and modules.

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Proudly Partnered With
Surgical Science

Phantasim are proudly partnered with Surgical Science, who manufacture the simulation units which support the education and growth of medical professionals across the globe.

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Premium Aftercare
And Support

Our aftercare team at Phantasim are just a phone call away. Once you’ve received your simulator, we will visit your facility for installation and analysis as well as provide ongoing aftercare and support.

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Remote Accessibility

Each simulator has remote access capabilities, allowing our team to assess any issues or irregular activities from any location. Alternatively, our support team can visit your facility as part of your aftercare package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical simulation training?

Clinical simulation training allows students in the medical field to practice their skills in an authentic, safe, simulation environment. Simulation-based training provides a great opportunity for students to increase their knowledge in both technical and non-technical procedures, with built-in software providing feedback and guidance along the way. Students can practice, learn, and increase their surgical skills with peace of mind knowing they’re safely practicing without risking the life of a live patient.

Is simulation training effective?

Absolutely. Simulation training allows medical professionals to practice their skills via virtual reality without risking the safety of a live patient. They also have the benefit of reducing the demand on supervision time which leads to more skilled and confident medical professionals. Whilst using the simulator, real time guidance and feedback is provided with the software so any mistakes made are recognised instantly.


Universities throughout Australia and New Zealand would greatly benefit from investing in a surgical simulator for their students studying in the medical industry. This advanced tool allows students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to move into their preferred field with both confidence and competence.

How much does a clinical simulation cost?

A human patient simulator typically ranges in price from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the type, brand, features, and included support services.

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